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Current 2024 New Brow Client-NO PREVIOUS WORK: $425 (Microblading OR Ombre Powder), $475 Combo Brows (Microblade & Shading)

1st Touch Up: Complimentary, done 5-12 weeks post initial session. 

Cover Ups & Brow Correction: $550+ depending on existing work, may require additional sessions to correct, 1st Touch up included, done 5-12 weeks post initial session. Any additional sessions needed will be advised at appointment with the given additional pricing for session, must be done within specified time frame given by the artist. 

Color Refresh for Existing Clients (date from last visit):

 3-5 months of touch up session (usually coverups that require additional sessions): $150 ($180 for Microblading & Shading) 

6-12 months: $220 ($250 for Microblading & Shading)

13 months -25 months: $300 ($330 for Microblading & Shading)

After 26 months: Current New Brow Client Pricing 

Brow consultation and shaping will be done on the day of your appointment. For those who have previous tattooed eyebrows and are seeking my cover up services, please contact me for a quick consult first including pictures of brows.



SMP and BMP cost varies due to the area that needs treatment and how many sessions needed.

SMP can range from $400-$2,200

BMP can range from $400-$1,100

To get an accurate price, please inquire with pictures 




A $50 deposit will be required to hold and book appointment. Deposits are nonrefundable and will be  applied to balance due on day of appointment.  


Because LIFE, I get it, If you need to cancel your appointment, please advise the deposit is non refundable.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, please notify me within 48 hours. 

Prices are subject to change without notice. 

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