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Our Story


I have been a Licensed Makeup Artist & Licensed Esthetician since 2006. After numerous request to pursue Brow Tattoo from my makeup clients, I decided  to get certified for Microblading in Sept 2017. Finding out that not all skin types and individual preference didn't favor that brow style, in 2019, I trained for Powder Ombre style to be able to offer my services to more clients. Since then my craft has grew and my experience has allowed me to expand my passion.



Bachelor's Degree-Business,  emphasis in Public Administration

Master's Degree-Accounting

CA Licensed Esthetician, License Current & Active 

Licensed Makeup Artist trained by California Hair Design Academy

Licensed Full Body Wax Technician trained by California Hair Design Academy 

Certified Microblading & Powder-Semi Permanent Makeup Artist  
County of San Diego Health Department Permitted Body Art Practitioner | Blood Borne Pathogens Certified| 



SD Voyager, Meet Annabelle 


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Annabelle is the reason why I got into the permanent makeup industry.  In Dec 2020, she approached me with the idea and I was interested. I had minimal knowledge in tattooing, but I am experienced in cutting hair. Ever since high school, I’ve been cutting not only my own hair but also family and friends, so I know- especially for us guys the importance of having a fresh-looking appearance. In Jan 2021, I trained and got certified for Scalp & Beard Micropigmentation.



Bachelor's Degree-Business Administration, emphasis in Information Systems

Certified Scalp & Beard Micropigmentation Artist  
County of San Diego Health Department Permitted Body Art Practitioner | Blood Borne Pathogens Certified


SD Voyager, Meet Anthony 

CONTACT ANTHONY-please allow up to 48 hrs for a response

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Thank you to those who have supported us and continue to support us. We are thankful for those referrals and returning clients. We hope to be of service to you soon. 

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